Miami Cemetery

Josh Bolling - Superintendent
(513) 897-5976
4379 Old State Route 73 East - Corwin, Ohio
Visiting Hours - 8:00am to 6:00pm
    In 1833, when Gaines Goode buried his young daughter, Narcissa, in the meadow of his farm on the east ridge
of the Little Miami River Valley, he unknowingly began the nucleus of one of the most unusual cemeteries
in the midwest. Goode deeded a tract of land adjoining and surrounding the grave to the Waynesville Methodist Church
for a cemetery, under the administration of church trustees.
     The old Methodist Graveyard became the foundation of Miami Cemetery Association which was established
April 2, 1866, The Cemetery Association was orginized by authority of an act of the Ohio
Legislature adopted Febaruary 24, 1848.
     The Monument at the entrance of the Miami Cemetery was erected in 1876, by the Wayne Twp. Veterans Association.
     The Miami Cemetery Association board members: Pres. Pat Davidson - Marilyn Fultz - Brad Conner
Gary Coffman - Ellis Welch - Clerk/Tres. Judy Crutchfield

The Chapel
Inside of Chapel
Gothic Chapel constructed in 1893 - Restoration begun in 1985, finished by 1995

Miami Cemetery   Arial   view

Map where The Miami Cemetery is located

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