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Decorah Eagle
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Wayne Twp. & Waynesville, OH.


Wayne Twp. Fire Dept. 
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NOAA Weather Radio

National Weather Service  Wilmington, Ohio

NOAA Weather Radio - NWS  Wilmington, Ohio

Southwest Ohio Fire & EMS - Dispatch   to Listen to Live Radio broadcast

Wayne Twp. Fire Dept.
Waynesville, Ohio
Corwin, Ohio
NWS Storm Prediction Center - Watch, Warning and Advisory   NWS-SPC
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NWS Doppler Radar Short Range Composite Reflectivity Radar

Detroit, Michigan
Cleveland, Ohio
Wilmington, Ohio
Sterling, Virginia
Indianapolis, Indiana
Northern, Indiana
Charleston, West Virginia
Louisville, Kentucky
Jackson, Kentucky

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Goes 8-A Infrared Satellite
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East Conus IR loop

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